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  • Mass Schedule
    Monday: 8:30am
    Tuesday: 8:30am, & (7:00pm Labor Day-Memorial Day)
    Wednesday: 8:30am
    Thursday: 8:30am
    Friday: 8:30am
    Saturday: 8:30am, 5:00pm Confessions 4:00pm
    Sunday: 8:00am, 10:00am, Noon, and 7:00pm

    Holy Days: 7:00pm Vigil Mass, 8:30am & 7:00pm Mass of the Day
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    CHS Staff

    Jim Wasukanis (President) 313-388-0110
    Ms. Cheryl Szczodrowski (Principal) 313-388-0110
    Carol Evans (Secretary) 313-388-0110
    Isabel Zamarron (Attendance Office) 313-388-2566
    Linn Hastings (Registrar) 313-388-0110
    Kathy Killam (Development Office) 313-388-2370
    Nancy Lukasiewicz (Dean of Students) 313-388-0110
    Athletics Department
    Tim Kluka (Athletic Director) 313-388-0576
    Debbie Norman (Assistant AD) 313-388-0576
    Kathy Leja (Athletic Secretary) 313-388-0576
    Guidance and Counseling
    Jackie Cornett (Guidance Counselor) 313-388-0110
    Greg Campbell (Dream Mentor Program) 313-928-6610
    High School Staff
    Alderman, Sara
    Buckler, Amy
    Budzinski, Ann
    Chidester, Sandy
    Coleman, Ray
    Curtin, Hope
    Femminineo, Steve
    Fenton, Fr. John
    Flynn, Cristine
    Gawel, Christopher
    Hensel, Cheryl
    Hornik-Rosinski, Victoria
    Johnson, Pat
    Jurko, Tibor
    Keith, Trish
    Kochis, Denise
    McGrane, Maggie
    Nystrom, Joan
    Opdyke, Laura
    Perry, Barb
    Raval, Sweta
    Sada, Melissa
    Sanders Jr., Hurbert
    Savatsky, Kathy
    Shinn, Brian
    Stendardo, Melissa
    Sweeney, Donna
    Valerius, Matt
    VanDaele, Maryann
    Rourke, Karen
    Smith, Karen