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For assistance with tuition, please visit the "Archdiocese of Detroit Tuition Assistance Scholarship" page:
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    Protecting God’s Children

    Workshop Registration

    Workshop participation is required for all paid staff and every volunteer who works with children on a one time or regular basis. In the coming months, parishes and schools will allow only those who have attended the PGC workshop to work with children and youth. Each participant must register online at www.virtusonline.org in order to receive credit.


    To register for the workshops

    1. Go on line to www.virtusonline.org

    2. Put in User ID, you can put in your own first and last name

    3. Password – make up your own

    4. Go to Registration

    5. Follow the rest of the given instructions.

    6. When you get to making a choice for what workshop to attend, only register for one.

    7. Once you have completed your registration, make sure you call the site where you will be attending to let them know you are coming. This registration online is for the Archdiocese’s records. It does not go to the site.