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    Ask Me Why

    Ask Me Why

    Have you seen a bright yellow shirt around Cabrini lately? If you attended the annual Festival, then you probably did.  And if you looked closely, you may have read the words “Ask Me Why” printed on the front or noticed the big question mark printed on the back.


    What is the “Ask Me Why” campaign? Who are those people that are answering the questions? Where can I find out more about it? And How does this campaign benefit Cabrini?


    The What: The Ask Me Why campaign is designed to fight all the mis-information that is out there about Cabrini by starting conversations with those who might not know a lot about our parish and school community. It is also opens the door for us to share our stories about why Cabrini is such a special place.


    The Who: We are asking parish members, students or parents who are interested in sharing why they have chosen Cabrini as their parish or school to become involved. 


    The Where: You can find information about the campaign by visiting the web site or like us on Facebook at Cabrini Parish: Ask Me Why. Feel free to call the Rectory Office and talk to any of the staff.  Or just look for someone in a bright yellow shirt.


    The How: This is an opportunity to truly evangelize and bring people back to the parish as well as open the door for those who might just want to know more about our Catholic faith or the benfits of a Catholic education. 


    question to ask.  If you do, please email me at cabriniwebsite@gmail.com or call the Rectory Office and ask for Paula.  Let the questions and conversations begin!


    Why is Cabrini Parish life so vibrant?

    Our parishioners put their heart and souls into the support of the numerous programs and charitable efforts at our church. Their passion for creating a better world and stronger community is inspirational. Through the support of the needy, the development of generational bonds, and the sharing of our blessings, the Cabrini Parish faith community has been called to serve through worship, service, and education.


    Why are Cabrini students so special?

    The dedication, generosity and hard work exhibited by Cabrini students are awe-inspiring. The zeal with which they look at the world and how they can make a difference in the lives of others is a true testament to the ideals of Christian service. Whether it is academic challenges, athletic endeavors or standing firm on their faith, our students face them with the courage, strength and determination of a Monarch. Through life’s trials and tribulations, Cabrini students stand together to build a Christian community through their relationship with Jesus Christ.


    Why do our Parishioners go above and beyond?

    In an ever changing and challenging world, the need for a solid foundation on which to stand seems to become more and more elusive. Through their faith in Jesus Christ, our parishioners have found encouragement and stability in the rock and cornerstone of our church. They work tirelessly to help those less fortunate, to educate those seeking answers, and to open their arms and hearts to welcome those who also seek a relationship with God. Building upon our catholic tradition and diversity, we are committed to the spiritual and physical well-being of all. Our sacramental life challenges us to a life-long catholic formation and Christian service.


    Why are Cabrini School Athletics so successful?

    Between the passion of our coaches and the drive and determination of our student athletes, the sports programs at Cabrini have enjoyed many levels of success. We have had a number of our athletes go on to play at the collegiate level. We also encourage an environment that allows coaches to nurture new athletes in sports they may not have played before. From football to figure skating and from softball to soccer, Cabrini athletics are just one part of our vision to assist our students in building a solid foundation for a productive and charitable life.